Step 1: Find your target

Find the person with the profile picture you want to steal.

Step 2: Make sure to enable Developer mode

Ticking the Developer Mode checkbox.

You can check if it's enabled in Settings > Advanced in Desktop and Settings > Behavior in mobile.

Step 3: Get the ID of the target

Right clicking on the target person and then clicking Copy ID.

On mobile, you can press on their name in the User List and scroll up to find the "Copy ID" button.

Step 4: Paste the ID and woila!

Pasting the ID into the website and getting the profile picture.

You can click on the picture to view it in biggest resolution or right click -or long press on mobile- to copy the pfp link or save the image.

Enjoy your new profile picture!

And maybe donate us a small cup of coffee, in the future. ;)

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